Make Ridgeway Bed and Breakfast, Blairgowrie, your base from which to discover the vast wealth of angling opportunities in Tayside.

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There are few parts of the world so blessed with a variety of quality fishing venues in close proximity and so many other interesting things to do for everyone in the family.   Salmon, trout, sea trout, charr and grayling are abundant.  There are some great coarse fishing venues and the coast offers a wide variety of marine species.

The mighty river Tay drainage is the largest in the United Kingdom and home of record fish, including the largest ever rod caught salmon in Britain.

Ridgeway Bed and Breakfast, Blairgowrie, is an ideal base from which to reach any of these venues.

River Ericht system - Blairgowrie and Coupar Angus:  A salmon river of little note prior to the hydroelectric schemes being built on its mother river, the Tay.  As part of that development it was agreed that loss of spawning area elsewhere would be recompensed by easing several obstructions to salmon on the river Ericht, allowing them to penetrate the upper reaches to new redds.  For this purpose, the pristine environment of the Ericht and its tributaries - the rivers Blackwater and Ardle - have proven to be ideal and now runs of salmon and grilse in excess of 10,000 are expected each year.  The river Ericht has a series of obstacles just upstream of Blairgowrie which prevent salmon running upstream until the temperature has risen to 6 degrees C.   Prior to that, the Blairgowrie Angling Club beats below the town provide some good fishing.  Some time in May, salmon will have penetrated the upper reaches to Bridge of Cally and the tributaries.  This is essentially small river fishing where most of the sport can be enjoyed on a single-handed rod with small flies.  Later in the season, after summer floods, the Ericht system enjoys really good grilse runs that continue right to the end of the season.  During the summer the river can suffer due to lack of water because it is really a spate river.  Whilst the Ericht is now well known for its salmon, it also maintains a very good trout population.

River Isla - This picturesque stream rises in Glen Isla, gathering volume from a host of burns before reaching Craigisla.  These upper reaches have a good population of brown trout that survive on a meagre diet;  consequently they are not large and usually free taking.  This is an excellent place for the beginner to start river fishing.

Hill lochs - There are a number of hill lochs scattered throughout the highland territory.  Together they represent lots of lovely fishing in magnificent surroundings and provide a uniquely Scottish experience.



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